Erick Rowan Finally Admits to Attacks on Roman Reigns (VIDEO)

erick rowan roman reigns attacker video smackdown clash of champions

SmackDown this week ended with Erick Rowan finally admitting to the recent attacks on Roman Reigns – but not before beating down his Clash of Champions opponent.

The final segment of the night began with Daniel Bryan cutting a promo in the ring about how he’s not a liar and had no idea Rowan was possibly involved in the attacks. He then asked Roman Reigns for an apology once again and “The Big Dog” made his entrance. 

Before he could hit the ring though, Rowan attacked Reigns from behind. 

When Daniel tried to intervene, Erick Rowan shoved his former partner away before powerbombing Reigns into the ring post and rolling him into the ring.

The 6’8″ wrestler got on the microphone and stated that the joke was on Roman if he thought Daniel orchestrated all of the attacks. He then told Daniel he’s worse than all of the people in the crowd if he thinks he can control him like a puppet and that he’s proud of what he did to Reigns, like trying to run him down with a car. 

Rowan tossed Reigns ringside afterward and cleared the broadcast table. Daniel Bryan ran over to intervene once again and said he’s Erick’s friend, but this time he got hit with an Iron Claw slam through the announce table as the show came to a close.

Watch the video below.