Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman Advertised for Next Week’s WWE Shows (UPDATED)

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The question of whether Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff’s new WWE positions will include on-screen roles seems to have been answered in advertisements for next week’s shows.

WWE’s email blast promoting tickets to next week’s Raw and SmackDown to local residents features Heyman and Bischoff on the banner for their respective programs. The text for both teases that you’ll get to see what they have in store for their respective brands. 

In case you missed it … Heyman is the new Executive Director of Raw and Bischoff is the new Executive Director of SmackDown. Both will oversee the creative development of their shows and “ensure integration across all platforms and lines of business.” 

As we previously reported, sources tell us the behind the scenes changeover won’t be immediate and everything will still be run through Vince McMahon at this point.

Keep in mind, the Raw preview has yet to be published on … so plans could always change. 

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UPDATE: According to sources, the advertisements were not supposed to be sent out and SmackDown hasn’t been finalized behind the scenes — so a Bischoff appearance isn’t guaranteed yet.

We’re told communicational errors like this are an example of why Paul and Eric were brought on board, to stop things from falling through the cracks. Our sources say they’ll soon be coordinating with all divisions to get everyone on the same page going forward.

It’s unclear if Heyman will for sure appear on Raw.