The Sheet Podcast – Jinder Mahal Mania, Broken Universe Drama and #DIY Breaking Up

episode 78 sheet podcast ryan satin

On Episode 78 of The Sheet Podcast our hosts discuss everything that’s happened since Jinder Mahal won the WWE Championship, The Broken Universe battle heating up and the end of #DIY.

Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin sat with Elijah Bates and Erica Steiner to talk about each story in detail …  including Jinder’s Punjabi celebration, Impact‘s President releasing confidential correspondence to prove a point and #DIY keeping kayfabe alive following the break up at TakeOver.

The entire 2-hour replay of Wrestling Sheet Radio can be heard on Dash Radio or by downloading full, unedited MP3s on our Patreon by donating $5 a month. This week’s extra chat is about Kenny King on The Bachelorette premiere and the Women’s MITB being planned.

Enjoy this week’s episode below.

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