WATCH: Enzo Amore Hits Stunner on ‘Offended Fan’ During First Concert

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Enzo Amore’s debut concert took place at The Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood and included the former wrestler hitting a stunner on an “offended fan.” 

Amore, now using the name nZo, streamed the nearly thirty-minute concert on Facebook — including the banter between songs. 

In one of those moments … the ex-WWE star asked if anyone in the crowd was offended and one plant in the crowd walked on stage saying he was. Enzo then hit him with a stunner and launched into the next song about grabbing the brass ring in wrestling.

After the performance, Amore told those in attendance: “I can’t thank you enough for coming here today. It means the world to me. They took away what I love more than anything in the f*cking world, and I refuse to let them take my voice.”

“I’m up against a giant right now,” he continued. “But I’m the only motherf*cker with the balls to go against that giant. And that is a fact!”

He then claimed the reason he got kicked out of the WWE locker room was because he’s “the only motherf*cker who would stand up to bullies and punch somebody in their f*cking mouth.” 

As we previously reported … the ex-WWE star was kicked off a plane last week for allegedly vaping, a few days later he dropped an album featuring a song about Liv Morgan, then he was kicked out of Staples Center for causing a disturbance in the crowd during Survivor Series. 

Watch the stunner clip below and the FULL CONCERT HERE.

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  1. I feel bad for Enzo. He is being gassed up by whoever is advising him. WWE fans move on and forget.

  2. NZO? Oh my.

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