Enzo Amore Says He Was Going to Lose Cruiserweight Title During Raw 25 Poker Game

enzo amore raw 25 poker game

Remember the backstage poker game during Raw 25 that didn’t really seem to have a point? According to Enzo Amore, that’s because it was re-written on the fly due to his suspension.

Enzo was a guest on the The Steve Austin Show this week and it didn’t take long for the two to begin talking about Amore’s last day in WWE at Raw 25. 

Amore — who now goes by Real1 — says he was set to be a participant in the Raw 25 poker game featuring ex-talent and at some point in the show he’d lose the Cruiserweight Championship to Ted DiBiase and the APA in the game. Then, Enzo was supposed to lose a match to Goldust and catch a post-match beatdown from The Dudley Boyz.

As you may recall, an on-screen relationship between Enzo Amore and Nia Jax was blossoming prior to his release from the company. Real1 claims the Raw 25 segments would’ve ended with Nia winning the title back for him in the poker game and gifting it to his character. 

Also worth noting: Enzo claims the Nia storyline was supposed to end with the former Women’s champ learning he’d been hooking up with Alexa Bliss behind her back to kick off their feud.

Enzo was ultimately pulled from the show due to police releasing a statement saying he was under investigation. Amore is adamant in the interview that although someone claiming to be an investigator once contacted a friend of his about the allegations, he didn’t believe it was legit. 

Furthermore, he says his lawyer contacted authorities at the time and were not given any indication that he was under investigation for rape allegations.

Enzo also says Vince McMahon, before sending him home, pointed to the Women’s Revolution in WWE and Me Too movement as reasons for why the allegations had to be taken incredibly serious.

For anyone who might be hoping Amore plans to return to WWE one day now that his legal mess is behind him, don’t hold your breath. Real1 claims he blocked every number from Stamford in his phone and feels like the company betrayed him by not having his back. 

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The full interview can be FOUND HERE. For now, listen to the clip below.