Enzo Amore Doubles Down on Date He Learned of Rape Investigation

enzo amore doubles down date accusations investigation

Former WWE star Enzo Amore took to social media on Wednesday morning to make it clear he had no idea he was being investigated by police over rape accusations until it was made public.

“I hate to be the 1 to pull the nipple out of the baby’s mouth.. but NO. I WAS NOT CONTACTED ONCE BY THE POLICE BEFORE JAN. 22nd,” Enzo tweeted. “Don’t believe my last tweet? Your an armchair detective? The police have an open line: call em & ask… they’ll call u back in 4 months.”

WWE sources previously claimed Amore was released because he didn’t disclose the investigation to higher-ups before we first reported that police were on the case.  Based on this morning’s tweets and a recent letter from Amore’s lawyer, Enzo is saying that’s BS. 

It’s worth noting that police STILL haven’t released the police report, or additional information on the investigation, despite Pro Wrestling Sheet attempting to obtain the documents through appropriate channels for months. The documents would more than likely prove if Amore is telling the truth.

In case you missed it, Monday was Enzo’s “coming out” party of sorts now that the investigation is over. The wrestler turned rapper snapped selfies, hugged fans, handed out shirts, and participated in chants with hundreds of fans in Times Square following the release of his debut rap video.

Watch a clip below showing Enzo hoist a child into the air as people chant “how you doin?”