Enzo Amore Released From WWE

enzo amore fired released sexual assault allegations

WWE just announced that Enzo Amore has been released from the company following allegations of sexual assault.

The company’s statement says, “WWE has come to terms on the release of Eric Arndt (Enzo Amore).” Worth noting that WWE’s statement DID NOT include the usual line about wishing the wrestler well in their future endeavors.

As we previously reported, a woman filed a police report claiming Enzo raped her in a hotel room on October 19, 2017. Phoenix police told us the bulk of the investigation is complete and they’re just waiting on test results.

WWE had previously suspended him upon learning of the allegations.

Something to Wrestle With cohost Conrad Thompson, who was backstage at Raw last night, tweeted claiming Enzo arrived wearing a shirt that said “today is the best day of my life” on the front and “can’t wait for tomorrow” on the back.

Amore had previously promoted the same shirt on Instagram.