Enzo Amore and Joey Janela Got Into a Fight at a Blink 182 Concert (UPDATED)

enzo amore joey janela fight blink 182 concert

Former WWE star Enzo Amore apparently got into a fight with Joey Janela at a Blink 182 concert in New Jersey on Tuesday … and they took to Twitter afterward to continue beefing. 

It all went down at the PNC Bank Arts Center after tonight’s show. 

Enzo first tweeted about the incident and wrote:

“I’m glad you introduced yourself cause I couldn’t pick you out of a line up. You don’t want no smoke.”

“Where was that energy at? We aint friends [Joey Janela]. Dont introduce urself to me f*ckboy I thought u were a fan hahaha the second I realized it was u I slapped ya bitchass hands down & walked @ u w/ MY HANDS UP YA F*CKIN RAN BACKWARDS & told my homey to film it”

“Clout chasing in public to ultimately look like a p*ssy, must feel terrible,” he added. “Ya not a good human, people are out to enjoy there night and you cause a scene and run while I’m engaging with friends & fans, ya mother should be proud.”

Janela gave more context with his telling of what happened. “Not a work,” he tweeted. “So I saw the dude and walked up and said “Hi I’m Joey Janela” at the blink 182 show and we proceeded to have (I’m not lennox lewis) to have the sh*ttiest fist fight of the year, I’m not a p*ssy but we had fun!”

This never would’ve happened if Tom DeLonge was still in Blink 182.

UPDATE: Enzo released some footage of the incident, but no punches are thrown in the clip.