Enzo Amore and Big Cass Brawl With ROH Wrestlers at G1 Supercard (VIDEO)

enzo amore big cass roh g1 supercard madison square garden video

Former WWE stars Enzo Amore and Big Cass got into a brawl with ROH wrestlers in Madison Square Garden at G1 Supercard. 

It all went down after the four-way tag team match when Enzo and Cass hopped the barricade and began fighting talent. Bully Ray then ran over to get some shots in.

Things began to escalate, but security didn’t jump in. This would seem to signal that this was planned beforehand and not like Enzo’s stunt at Staples, but the fight wasn’t show on the broadcast. We’ve been unable to verify with 100% certainty at this time if this was a work, but all signs point in that direction. 

Once the wrestlers were all split apart, Enzo and Cass were escorted through the crowd. 

Watch a brief portion of the brawl below.