Ember Moon Calls Becky Lynch ‘Scum’ For Mocking Alexa Bliss’ Injuries

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The war of words between Becky Lynch and Ember Moon escalated Wednesday night on Twitter after Ember took offense to a joke made about her friend Alexa Bliss.

It all began earlier today when Ember and Alexa had an exchange over being split in the draft. Becky then replied, “Save those tears for when I slap the head off you.”

Ember said she wouldn’t allow that to happen, but “The Man” retorted: “I’m going to hit you that hard, Alexa will go out injured again.”

“Geez “Man,” Ember replied back. “It’s one thing to make idle threats as the glorified internet troll you are, but you mocking a near career ending injury is proving you are a bully. You are just scum that needs to be taken down a notch. I’ll happily oblige.”

As you’ll recall, Alexa Bliss was out of action for an extended period of time due to concussions she suffered in the ring. After her match on Raw last week, Bliss tweeted about how happy she was to be back. She wrote, “I can’t even tell you. How nice it is to FINALLY be back in the ring”

Ember Moon was drafted to SmackDown this week in the Superstar Shake-Up and interacted with Becky Lynch to make the announcement. Could this be a sign that their feud will continue? 

Time will tell. 

UPDATE: Alexa also responded via Twitter. 

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