Ember Moon Reveals Achilles Injury Occurred While Chasing 24/7 Title

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Ember Moon has revealed her unfortunate achilles injury didn’t take place during a match … it happened while chasing the 24/7 Championship.

The WWE Superstar spoke with Booker T about her recent injury in a new interview and said it occurred back in September during a brief appearance on SmackDown.

“I’m getting ready to do SmackDown the next day and they were like, ‘Hey, Ember, you’re in the 24/7 title run because Carmella won the night before’. And I was like, ‘Y’all sure? Y’all sure y’all need me for that?!’ You know whats weird is like when you know you have a bad feeling about something? So I had a feeling and I was like ‘oooh, do we?’ But, ya know what, team player, screw it. I got this. I’m in,” Ember explained. 

“We do the run through and I told Truth, I was like, ‘Truth, you better run, I’m gonna catch you, Truth. If I catch you, I’m tackling you and you’re going down.’ And so when we actually did it, I literally caught them right before we went through the curtain,” she added. “So they go through the curtain and they didn’t realize how close I was behind them. As I’m coming through, the curtain shuts, I open it, go through. Truth is dropping Carmella and I’m going full speed and I had to hit the brakes. I was just like, ‘whoah,’ BOOM, and I felt a pop.”

Ember says she didn’t understand how bad the injury was for a few days and even flew from San Francisco to Dallas without any swelling. However, once the wrestler realized her foot wasn’t working correctly she began to seek medical help.

As you may recall, Ember Moon revealed on WWE Backstage that it’s unclear how long she’ll be out of action. Ember additionally explains to Booker that she doesn’t want to rush back and cause the injury to rupture again due to her specific circumstance being unique.

Watch her tell the full story in the video below (this part begins around 19:20).

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