James Ellsworth Reveals Details About Hulk Hogan’s WWE Apology Meeting (AUDIO)

james ellsworth hulk hogan meeting extreme rules triple h mark henry

James Ellsworth opened up about Hulk Hogan‘s apology to the WWE roster and discussed some of the things that were said during the meeting.

Ellsworth talked about the apology — which took place backstage before Extreme Rules — on the latest episode of Duhcast with cohost Dennis Farrell.

James explained Triple H kicked things off talking about the dangers of social media, as well as how easy it is for someone to film a person without their knowledge. Hogan then took the floor and apologized for the things he said. He also reminded the roster that he didn’t know he was being recorded when the remarks were made.

“For the most part, it seemed like everyone was very accepting of his apology,” said Ellsworth. Adding, “I disagree with what he said, but I do believe he feels sorry about it. I really really really do believe that. If I didn’t I wouldn’t even comment on this.”

James additionally says Mark Henry gave Hulk his stamp of approval, but it’s unclear if he meant during the meeting.

As we previously reported, Henry says there’s currently a divide amongst the black wrestlers over the backstage apology. He described it as a 50-50 split … with some saying “to hell with him.”

Listen to the audio below (this discussion begins around 13:00).