Independent Wrestler EFFY Selling Genderless Fragrance Called DADDY

effy daddy genderless fragrance

If you want to smell like “a roll in the hay with a sexy demon daddy,” then independent wrestler EFFY has a new fragrance he’s selling that’s up your alley.

The wrestler put out a commercial on Friday for a fragrance called DADDY by EFFY made by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

Here’s the description for the $28 bottle of perfume oil:

DADDY isn’t defined by gender: it IS a gender, and it’s anyone’s to try on. It takes all kinds ⁠— masc daddies, lady daddies, queer daddies, punk daddies, muscle daddies, soft daddies, big daddies, baby daddies, noncorporeal daddies.

Subtle differences in skin chemistry ensure that no two people will wear DADDY quite the same way; this power is yours to wield as you see fit. No leather jacket, no fishnets, no problem! (But if you want ’em, we know a guy.)

A roll in the hay with a sexy demon daddy: a diabolical incense with a splash of bay rum and a hiss of infernal fougere. Congrats, you’re a DADDY now too!


Watch the commercial below.