(EDITORIAL) If Seth Rollins Can’t Compete at WM33 … Who Should Triple H Wrestle Against?

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Seth Rollins has re-injured his knee and might be unable to compete at WM33, pending test results — so we came up with a few possible replacements, should Triple H need a new opponent.

WWE broke the news earlier today that Rollins hurt the same leg that kept him out of action for 6+ months (and consequently WrestleMania 32). This leaves WWE scrambling to put a main event-caliber match together, as they had just solidified the ground work for Triple H vs. Seth.

As we previously reported, producers are already working on other possible scenarios for Hunter in case The Architect is out of action for too long — so we decided to toss out a few ideas/suggestions on who should face the Cerebral Assassin instead at the show of shows.

Keep in mind, Seth’s injury timeline hasn’t been revealed yet and it’s always possible he makes it back in time for an epic WrestleMania moment. 

1) Finn Balor

Yes, Triple H’s golden boy is obviously number one on this list. Sure, the storyline is a bit rushed, but maybe thats a good thing since it doesn’t allow WWE to overthink things. If Finn were to come back and challenge “work dad,” we would immediately have a Mania-worthy match and they wouldn’t even have to unleash the demon yet.

Technically, they could stretch Balor vs Triple H out for a full year, and that might be too tempting to pass up for an already overworked creative team.

2) Samoa Joe

Forget all the talk of Joe establishing a reputation for injuring wrestlers on WWE’s main roster. The main figure who needs to care about him being a safe worker is Triple H, and theres no better way to establish in-ring trust for the company than leading by example.

The story could be simple enough, Joe came here to destroy – he’s hurt the first guy and onto the next. Easy. What makes more sense is having a legend in the company face him on the biggest stage and have the whole thing go safely. Guarantee any fears about Joe being an un-safe worker go away and Hunter sets an example of leadership thats hard to follow.

3) Batista

It wouldn’t be fantasy booking if I wasn’t choosing someone who wasn’t outside the company – and that person is Batista by a large margin. In all honesty, this is the one that makes the most sense. And, if it worked into his shooting schedule, he might actually do it.

Dave has gone on record numerous times saying he would love his retirement match to be against Triple H at Mania and storyline wise this actually makes sense. Plus, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 is right around the corner. Could WWE dangle the carrot in time for Batista to make the save?

4) Braun Strowman

Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of this one, as WWE would lose a monster villain in the process of setting this up.  But, he’s currently the only big ticket guy on Raw without an expected dance partner in April. With Triple H really wanting to tout how incredible NXT is, why not take a guy who had little TV experience outside of being Adam Rose’s “Rosebud Gladiator,” bring him to the main roster, then have his first official Mania match be a marquee brawl with the boss himself?

5) Shane McMahon

Rumors are running rampant that Shane is going to be taking AJ to the fight at WM33 and the internet has been screaming back “PLEASE GOD, NO!” Therefore, it would be good to have a back up plan. Admittedly, Shane vs Hunter isn’t the worst they could come up with.

With Triple H taking a more corporate/non-TV role as of late, there could definitely be some easy crossover that occurs. Even crazier is the fact that to my knowledge, Triple H has never faced Shane one on one (there was a HHH vs Shane vs The Rock match at Insurrextion in 2000). Which means you have a fight that’s, very literally, been decades in the making.

6) Fandango


Triple H has been a sharp dresser lately and something tells me the fashion police have noticed. I’m sure they would love to make him sheriff of Fashiontown! Just one problem, Hunter finds everything they do ridiculous as hell and would never agree to it.

Fandango and Breeze then harass the hell out of Stephanie (I know she’s on Raw, I don’t care) until she forces her husband to challenge Fandango to a match. Triple H vs Fandango, Hunter becomes sheriff of Fashiontown if he loses – Fandango loses and he has to wear Brooks Brothers for a year.

A man can dream, can’t he?