WATCH: MVP Gets Caught in the Crossfire of Edge/Randy Orton Drama

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“The Rated-R Superstar” Edge returned to Raw on Monday night with vengeance on his mind … but instead of Randy Orton, MVP caught the brunt of the attack.

The segment on Raw began with MVP in the ring talking about wanting to lead Edge to another title reign as his manager going forward.

Edge pulled up to the arena at this point and walked from his car to the ring with a purpose. He then made his way to the ring, took the microphone from MVP and called out Orton. 

MVP did not like this move and asked Edge about Beth Phoenix when he got the microphone back. This caused Edge to turn his attention to MVP and quickly hit him with a spear. Unfortunately, Randy was hiding ringside and attempted to attack his former tag team partner immediately after. 

Edge was two steps ahead though and hit Randy with an RKO before ducking out to the ringside area to find some chairs. Orton left the ring before Edge could enact his plan though, causing MVP to attack him instead. This led to the returning star fighting back by locking in a Triangle Choke on MVP, hitting an RKO, and landing two Con-Chair-To’s.

Orton watched on from the stage, but eventually bailed as Edge ran after him.

Watch the segment below. 

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