Eddie Kingston Reveals Why He Chose AEW Over WWE (VIDEO)

Eddie Kingston has revealed why he decided to sign for AEW instead of WWE, who expressed an interest before he officially become ALL ELITE.

Eddie was chatting to Renee Paquette on her show “Oral Sessions” when he spilled the beans.

The indie stalwart mentioned the fact that he had received interest from both AEW and WWE at around the same time while explaining to Renee how his All Elite Wrestling adventure began.

“They offered me the deal and then I listened to the other side,” Eddie said. “Ya know, I was just weighing options.”

“The Mad King” then discussed his decision making process.

“The bottom line with the whole thing is, I know more people at AEW and I know there’s a lot more heart there,” he confessed. “People who love the business–who were in it–who didn’t come from somewhere else and then become a wrestler.”

Eddie also revealed that his mother played a role in his final decision by telling her son that at AEW, he’d be with people who love wrestling just as much as him.

As we reported in September of 2020, Eddie first revealed that WWE had shown an interest in his signature on an episode of Talk is Jericho.

Kingston revealed that after wrestling Cody for the TNT title on Dynamite he received two calls. One from Christopher Daniels offering him another AEW booking, which he accepted. The other was from “the competition.”

Eddie then said that WWE has been trying to get him to become a coach at the Performance Center “for years,” but he’s always turned them down.

Check out the relevant portion of Eddie’s interview with Renee below.