Cody Rhodes Appears to Have Locked Down “Dusty Rhodes” Trademark

dusty rhodes cody trademark

Years after his death, the family of Dusty Rhodes appear to have reclaimed the rights to his name.

According to documents filed with the United States Patent and Trade Office, Cody Rhodes filed for the rights to his father’s name back in March. In May, he was told he had six months to file amended documents clarifying a few points. 

The trademark is now listed as live under Cody’s real name, so it would appear he got that done.

As we previously reported. AEW is reviving Bash at the Beach for an upcoming episode of Dynamite. That’s not the only WCW or Dusty Rhodes-related trademark Cody is listed as owning, however.

The USPTO website shows he has a live trademark on BattleBowl, Bunkhouse Stampede and The Match Beyond. For those unaware, WarGames was originally referred to as “The Match Beyond.” 

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