Droz and D’Lo Brown “First-Time Ever” Dual Photo Opportunity Announced

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Former WWE star Droz was paralyzed in 1999 during a match against D’Lo Brown, but he’s clearly not holding a grudge … as the wrestlers will soon take part in their first dual meet and greet.

It may sound surprising, since you wouldn’t think many fans would want to pay money to take a picture that reminds them of one of the worst in-ring accidents of all time, but alas.

A company in New Jersey named Stand Alone Wrestling shared the advertisement on Facebook with the caption, “1st time ever Photo Opp…Only at Boardwalk Beatdown!!! Dlo Brown and Droz!!!”

For those who don’t recall, Droz was paralyzed during a powerbomb gone wrong.

In the replies of the announcement, SAW said a joke from a fan inspired the wrestlers to take part in the shoot. “The talents are choosing to do this,” they wrote to a fan pointing out the dark nature of the photo opportunity. “It’s a beautiful thing that such a sad situation can be moved on from …. but hey you must know everything right.”

The event takes place on August 25 in Atlantic City.