Drew McIntyre Talks About Not Reading Scripts Verbatim and Unhappy WWE Stars

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Drew McIntyre was interviewed by Sam Roberts this week and talked about not having to read a script verbatim in WWE (despite what you may think), as well as unhappy talent.

During the latest episode of the Notsam Wrestling podcast, Drew discussed returning to NXT/WWE using the character he portrayed on the indies and how he injects his own words into promos. 

“As much as everybody reads online that you’re handed these scripts and you have to say everything verbatim, word for word, and you’ve got no say in who you are. That’s not really true,” he explained. 

“Everything I’m given, I assure you, what comes on the screen — especially promos, etcetera — is not exactly what was on the script,” he added. “It’s up to me to figure out how I put Drew Galloway in that. How am I gonna make this real to me? Even if it’s something that is obviously completely a story. I gotta find something real. Something I can latch onto. Because if I don’t latch onto it and I don’t believe it, the audience don’t believe it.”

Later on in the discussion, McIntyre pointed to his interaction with Heath Slater this week on Raw as an example of being given freedom during segments. Drew says some of the stuff involving the money was just them going with the flow in the moment. 

“You don’t have to learn those words all the time. Just go with how it feels,” he continued.

Former lead writer of SmackDown Brian “Road Dogg” James echoed this sentiment on X-Pac’s podcast this week, saying there are trusted performers like Daniel Bryan who are only given bullet points. He also said he believes the wrestler’s perpetuating this notion are the ones who were forced to stick to the script because they weren’t good at cutting promos. 

Drew McIntyre also spoke with Sam Roberts about his own career going the way he wanted after being let go from WWE because he stuck to a plan. During this topic, he touched upon WWE stars venting their frustrations about the company via social media. 

Here’s what he had to say:

“If you have a vision in your head and you work hard enough you can pull off absolutely anything. Just don’t have any doubt in your mind and work as hard as you can in every area. I tell everyone that all the time right now. And I’ll tell everyone right now at the beginning of the interview … that I see all these tweets out there, these negative tweets that drives me bloody crazy.”

“You don’t understand how much it drives me crazy because I assure you, that if you’re in WWE right now you want to figure it out. Because if you do go outside the company there is a lot of opportunity, but some people aren’t willing to put in the work. And I can’t guarantee you’re gonna be a Drew Galloway or a Cody Rhodes, so you might want to start putting the work in while you’re in WWE. Stop complaining on Twitter and make it happen, because taking the Drew and Cody route doesn’t work out for everybody.”

McIntyre also stated: 

“You look yourself in the mirror and you know if you’re working hard and you know if you’re not giving it everything. The people know who I’m talking about. And there’s a lot of people that are talented and do deserve more opportunities, but are those who aren’t putting in the work. Maybe in their head they think ‘I deserve this, this, and this.’ And I assure you, if you go outside the company — when it’s one-hundred percent on you — it becomes your life.”

Listen to the full interview below. 

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