Drew McIntyre Says He Had to Talk Heath Slater Into Appearing on Raw

drew mcintyre heath slater wwe raw appearance interview

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre spoke in a new interview about how Heath Slater didn’t initially want to appear on Raw this week, so he had to talk him into it.

Speaking with talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, McIntyre said he not only pushed behind the scenes for the moment with Slater to happen … but he also had to convince his former partner to show up.

“I played a big part in making it happen and to be honest, Heath was a little bit against it and I spoke to my wife right before the phone call I made to Heath to try and convince him to come onto the show for the segment,” he said. “She reminded me how I felt at the time when I was released and sure enough, he felt the same. He appreciated the opportunity with WWE, it was where he had made his name, but mentally he’s moved on.

McIntyre went on to say that Heath is ready for the next stage in his career and didn’t want to go backwards, but he assured his friend that it wouldn’t be like anything he had done in the past.

“The first thing I did outside of WWE was ICW and I showed my real personality and it caused a buzz and went viral on the underground, but if you get the chance to show your real personality on RAW that’s going to set you on the right course,” Drew added. “I know he’s been working out hard, so people will get to see what he looks like now and it also advances our story – everybody wins.

“We finally got him on board and got him on the show – he absolutely killed it, like I knew he would.”