Drew McIntyre Praises Brock Lesnar For Making Him Look Good on WWE TV

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Brock Lesnar may have a reputation for being intense behind the scenes, but Drew McIntyre says the WWE Champion has gone above and beyond to make him look good on WWE TV.

Speaking with talkSPORT, McIntyre gave props to his upcoming WrestleMania opponent when asked how it has been working with Lesnar in the build to their match.

“He’s the man,” McIntyre exclaimed. “In my experience, Brock has gone above and beyond to ensure I look as good as I can possibly look.”

As you’ll recall, the last interaction on Raw between Lesnar and McIntyre ended with “The Scottish Psychopath” delivering an intense beatdown. He touched on this during the interview while continuing to praise Lesnar:

I’m still trying to get over the fact that a few weeks ago that they pointed out that Ricochet gave me the assist at the Rumble, they ran me down on the microphone a little bit. Generally, Paul Heyman builds them up to sell the opponent for Brock’s match, but it was the opposite this time. Paul ran me down, almost like ‘wait a minute, are we worried about this guy?’

Then I walked out, looked Brock in the eye and dropped him three times. And, I’m sure you probably noticed, one of those kicks wasn’t necessarily planned! He went out of his way – he felt the crowd because that’s how good he is and I’m a professional.

There were no physical cues so we just kept going. And I was like, ‘Wow, this guy is unbelievable’  and I’m glad I’m at a level where I can read him at the same time. We’re working together here and he’s more than willing to go overboard to make me look as good as possible and make me.

As we previously reported, WrestleMania has been split into two nights this year due to the event being relocated to the WWE Performance Center because of the coronavirus. No word at this time on which night Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre will take place, or if it will be one of the matches filmed at an off-site location with essential personnel only.

McIntyre also touched on the video showing Brock from the ground telling Drew to pickup the WWE title during their last encounter on Raw. “That’s how much he’s invested in this,” the Royal Rumble winner explained. “He made that call because he felt the crowd. Nobody … one, sells like Brock Lesnar and two, feels a crowd like Brock Lesnar.”