Drew Gulak — Mums the Word on Talks With WWE (AUDIO)

drew gulak wwe talks contract deal wrestling

It’s been highly rumored that independent wrestling star Drew Gulak has been in talks with WWE about a deal … but when asked about where they stand, the CZW standout was tight lipped.

Gulak was questioned right off the bat about his WWE status during an interview with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling this week — but the wrestler quickly says he’s not allowed to talk about it.

Drew Gulak adds, “If I was allowed to I would be in great detail. But I can’t really elaborate on any business with WWE, or if there has been any business with WWE.”

The 28 year-old’s answer doesn’t necessarily mean anything has been made official between he and WWE, it could very well mean the opposite — but his response definitely makes it sound like something has been going down.

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