Drew Gulak Parts With WWE

drew gulak released wwe smackdown

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed Drew Gulak has parted with WWE.

Gulak’s exit was first speculated on this afternoon when his profile was moved to the alumni section of WWE.com. While the his departure has not been announced publicly, sources tell us he is no longer with the company. PWInsider reports his contract expired, he was not released.

Drew joined WWE in 2016 and has been used as part of the cruiserweight division for the most part.

The 33-year-old’s last match in WWE aired Friday night on SmackDown against Daniel Bryan in a losing effort as part of the Intercontinental title tournament. He had also been teaming with Bryan as of late and acting as his coach, even keeping up the gimmick as recently as this afternoon.

EDITORS NOTE: While sources first told us he had been released, we’ve now learned it would appear as though his contract expired. 

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  1. I am 78 been watching wrestling since I was a kid from capital arena in wash DC it really is not as exciting without audience I dont order pad per view anymore and you have to many idiots such as bray wyatt bo Dallas and a couple of others including rollins hope you get back to some good wrestling or you will loose many viewers I wouldn’t waste my electric on nxt I watch cody rhoades on tnt channel

  2. Ted todaro, if you dont see the genius behind bray wyatt your not a fan. His brother bo dallas hasnt wrestled in 6 months. Seth rollins new character is a joke but he is a great performer. An NXT is some of the best wrestling on any network. AEW cant compete with half of wwes roster an there womens division is a mockery to womens wrestling.

  3. CovidCuresSeniors | May 16, 2020 at 9:53 pm | Reply

    78 year olds should be in there coffin not complaing about people who have actually done something with them selvfs

  4. That’s your opinion I actually think they have a few unknowns that have alot of potential wwe women’s division sucks

  5. Doctor Drips | May 16, 2020 at 10:22 pm | Reply

    The grammar errors in these comments are horrendous. There. Somebody had to say it.

  6. I like AEW much better than WWE. More wrestling and less boring promos.

  7. New stars they try to push is a little bit much

  8. The fact is Bray Wyatts character sucks. It is not “wrestling”. And for even one minute anyone who says it is sucks just as much as him. Bo Dallas was never given a chance with the correct character and story lines. How do we know how good he could have been? Put it this way unless they go back to the 90s until the mid 2000 then wrestling will be a joke. We dont want to see SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT.


  9. Phenomenal1 | May 17, 2020 at 1:22 am | Reply

    AEW sucks balls! Wwe wont get better until Vince McMahon is gone. Nxt is the best wrestling there is right now.

  10. Change the fuckin’ headline, you click bait fuck. You throw in an edit at the end that basically says this article is full of shit, so change the headline or delete it completely you fuckin’ hack.

  11. MR Wrestling III | May 17, 2020 at 2:11 am | Reply

    Wow. Im 52 and have watched wrestling since the days of Mid south . the birth place of JWD. Dirty Dick Murdock. Lots of masked wrestlers Mr Wrestling2. Also the days of WCCW from texas. NWA. Then it all merged into WCW. Great days. I really didnt didnt get into WWF until the days of Stone Cold formaly Stunning Steve.( Hollywood Blondes) I was a huge ECW fan. Was ringside at the first PPV in New Orleans. Now other then the fact the AEW lets a man wrestle as a women( un fkn real IMO) AEW is the shit. Amen!!! WWE was boring me to tears. Talk about beating a dead dog. WWE has turned into too much feel good story BS. Too much wrestlers standing in the ring telling some sad story about why they need to be the next champion. Whaaaaa!!!. And yes AEW womens div is not as deep as WWE. But give it time and tell the Alphabet person to wrestle in his real class.200plus pound male in tights throwing around a 100 pound female is just plain dumb. Its one thing when a women says shes as good or better then a man. Thats her trying to step up. But a 200 pound man wanting to step down and fight women. Give me a break. I change the channel everytime alphabet person gets into the ring. But overall. AEW kicks ass. WWE needs to get some better story lines. And TNA. Well what can you say. NXT is a jumping point for the future of wrestling. But AEW is much better.NXT needs to move to thursdays.

  12. MR Wrestling III | May 17, 2020 at 2:26 am | Reply

    Oh one other thing. You have to realize that WWE is hurting the past few years when vince has to keep calling up the old guard just to sell tickets for PPV. Recently Edge. Undertaker. HHH. How many times we saw DX come back. Im waiting for the Duddlies next. Bigshow had a dark match too. Whats next another boxer climbs into the ring and fakes a fight for rateings. And if the current NWA or Ring of Honor go mainstream TV. WWE may be done. Maybe that why Vince is slowing raising the white flag and headed into the sunset.

  13. CovidCuresSeniors its very funny you can talk so much shit over the internet and hide behind a fake name and to talk shit to a 78yr old…but I guess when you live in your mother’s basement and touch yourself to one night in Chyna those are the comments to you make

  14. For half of you suck dick little chumps, I’ve been watching WWE since Vince got it from his pops and back then Vince was commentator at the he side of the ring.. let’s get this for the record,WWE formally know as the WWF and what made WWF and that new name wrestling entertainment which really make the wwe sound like a comic book. Mistake one was changing the name which makes the wwe look like a school play seriously. And what made WWE was real names not these rookies that couldn’t fight an inch out of a cardboard box and I say that even if a new locker room chump is trying to make a name for his self.what made WWF was Terry Hulk Hogan,heart founddation,Andre the giant,King Kong Bundy, George the animal steel,R.I.P Macho man,Piper, and I could go on. Truthfully bring some matches that the world wants to see such as Hogan and the warrior, beefcake and honkey tonk man,or undertaker and HHH. And Brock,really doesn’t have a meyhem bout wth anyone to where it’s worth watching or going to a event except HHH or undertaker who be him. The viper holds the fort down tough,3rd generation wrestler.the story lines,who does the writing sucks balls juice,I could do way better but wrestling should be more like bad fueds ya know bad blood. Lesson in history for past entertainment and present, pain,blood surrender agony defeat is what brought crowds to arenas since the Roman Empire.

  15. While the WWE’s womens division is finally being utilized properly. Up until the past few years it was a joke. They had 2 great women in the past who almost changed wrestling for women. Lita and Trish were the only two female wrestlers in my opinion in the early 2000’s who were actually talented. There has been a few since, Beth Phoenix, Natalya and honestly there was no-one for these women to really work with. Up until recently the womens division was not taken seriously. So give AEW a little bit to catch up. And i personally think this whole Bray Wyatt shit is stupid af. Reminiscent of Doink the Clown,Dumb. Give that man a better angle. Cause it seems like they are consulting a 5 year old for his shit.


  17. WrestlingFan | May 17, 2020 at 6:08 am | Reply

    I am going miss seeing Drew wrestle. He was one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE. I enjoy the more technical matches, which is what Drew can do. His matches with Daniel Bryan were so much fun to watch. I was really enjoying the rivalry with Drew and Daniel vs. Zane/Nakamura/Cesaro. Those were some great matches.

  18. Wrestling on TV is a joke nowadays. There’s nothing “talented” about it anymore. Maybe 15-20 years ago when they actually wrestled and had interesting characters and storylines… But not now, it’s just a sad joke

  19. ROB IF you been watching since Vince got it from his dad than you would know it was simply called championship wrestling not WWF when Pedro Morales, Bruno Samartino Chief Jay Strongbow, Andre the Giant, Gorilla Monsoon George the Animal Steel the real wrestlers that made it happen along with Tony Atlas Rocky Johnson, Chief Peter Mavia, SD Special Delivery Jones let’s just get the history right

  20. Hell . Why don’t we just bring back ECW. That was wrestling. No bull pure head banging shit

  21. You know to all those who are dissing wwe for not having crowds and saying they suck and that the wrestlers now days push too much or suck, let me tell you that at least they entertain other crowds and the fans of today’s era, if you don’t what they’re doing today you don’t have to watch it and no one’s forcing you to, and if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it, with what is going on in today’s world we don’t this negativity. Just speaking the truth. I consider you bullies and negative.

  22. This is to all those who hate and have nothing nice to say, you all can go somewhere else. Us die hard WWE fans will stick with Wrestling til the end

  23. Doctor Drips, you must have read my mind. The grammar and spelling are atrocious. But in regards to the topic at hand, WWE has to start to develop their stories better. There are no reasons for any of the feuds and they fade faster than light.

  24. Unlike you all, I am an independent pro wrestler. First off, the amount of disrespectful comments and misinformation is annoying. Stop talking all this garbage to each other, because the truth is, if you were face to face NONE of you would actually fight.
    WWE changed its name because the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) sued the WWE over the use of the name.
    WCW was a dumpster fire. Very unorganized, and oversaturated with ex WWE stars. They only made one real superstar which was Bill Goldberg, and he can’t wrestle at all. WCW had Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, Benoit, Guerrero, Booker T, Regal, Pillman, Rey Mysterio, and a ton of other workers, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work.
    The Attitude Era was terrible, but the 18-30 year old male demographic pushed it forward.
    Trans wrestlers like Nyla Rose deserve respect. Nyla Rose has done more for independent women’s wrestling than most women have. Just because you don’t agree with who she chooses to be doesn’t mean you have a valid point about her as a women’s wrestler. No one complained when men were beating up women like Chyna, and Mae Young. At the end of the day it’s all pro wrestling.
    You don’t have to watch it. But since you do, enjoy it for what it is. Characters using wrestling to tell stories. Nothing more, nothing less.

  25. You know im 68 yrs old female and i have watched wrestling since i was 12 yrs old way back in elkhart indiana high school gymnasium. Hard chairs , front row seats and nothing between you and the ring ..and they sometimes landed on you and blood flew maybe took your chair ..but it was good ole fun and now we have wwe lets enjoy not criticize

  26. Brock vs Lashley anything goes cage match. Wtf is taking so long??? WWE and all their anti bully, and weak sauce stories are just a waste of time. All WWE does is push and promote wrestlers with no in ring skills. If you can rock a mic you will be a champ smfh. AEW better show, and better actual wrestlers.

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