John Cena to Voice a Polar Bear in Star-Studded Dr. Dolittle Film

john cena dr dolittle voice cast robert downey jr

Robert Downey Jr. announced the voice cast of his upcoming Dr. Dolittle film today and John Cena was amongst the celebrities listed.

The movie is called “The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle” and will star RDJ in the titular role, as well as Cena playing a polar bear named Yoshi.

Additional characters include Selena Gomez as a giraffe, Emma Thompson as a parrot, Rami Malek as a gorilla, Octavia Spencer as a duck, Ralph Fiennes as a tiger, Kumail Nanjiani as an ostrich, Craig Robinson as a mouse, Tom Holland as a dog and Marion Cotillard as a fox.

For those unaware, the children’s book character of Dr. Dolittle can talk to animals and was last seen on the big screen in two movies starring Eddie Murphy.

The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle will reportedly hit theaters May 2019.