Don Callis Says He’s Smarter and More Successful Than His Counterparts

The dastardly Don Callis has made the audacious claim that he is smarter and more successful than his counterparts … including Paul Heyman!

Callis was speaking to journalists during the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass live stream on Wednesday when he began addressing his effect on the business.

“Instead of me saying my opinion I will give you direct quotes from high level people in this business,” Callis said.

Without attributing the praise to a specific person, Callis claimed that he had been described as “the most forward thinking, revolutionary intellectual in the history of the wrestling business.”

“So you can take your Eddie Grahams — God bless him — you can take your Bill Watts. You can take your Paul Heymans. You can take all the people you think are smart and strategic and those people are insects compared to an intellectual giant. Compared to a person who thinks on a higher level like I do,” Callis said.

“You can call me a manipulative carny. You can call me all the things people have been saying. The bottom line is people say ‘he went from obscurity. He hadn’t even been on IMPACT Wrestling and now he and Kenny Omega are the talk of the industry,'” he continued.

“So you can take you Eddie Grahams. Take your Paul Heymans. You can have ’em. Doesn’t matter . Don Callis is smarter than all of them, and more successful.”

Check out Callis’s Press Pass appearance below. The comments addressed in this article are around 20 minutes in.

(H/T Danny Wolstanholme of Wrestling Travel)