Don Callis Took Safety in Basement After Hearing Gunshots at Raptors Victory Parade

don callis raptors nba parade gunshots gunfire eaton centre

The NBA Championship victory parade for the Toronto Raptors turned into a scary scene today for some of the people in attendance, including Impact Wrestling VP Don Callis.

“Shots fired in Eaton Centre and I am trapped with terrified people in the basement,” Callis tweeted hours after sharing a photo from the nearby celebration. 

According to local news, police quickly responded and two suspects were taken into custody. Officers located two victims who had serious, but not life-threatening injuries. 

Four people have also reportedly been taken to the hospital due to two separate stabbing incidents that happened during the parade.

No additional word from Callis at this time, but we’re told he was in a store in the basement for around 2 hours before he and the others got out.