Don Callis Addresses Possibility of Enzo Amore in Impact Wrestling (AUDIO)

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Enzo Amore is no longer under investigation by police for an alleged sexual assault incident and Impact Wrestling VP Don Callis addressed the possibility of hiring him in light of that.

Callis spoke with the media on Wednesday and was asked if he could see Impact being open to working with Amore now that there are no charges against him due to insufficient evidence.

“Never say never,” Don replied. “You evaluate talent based on need and what you’re looking to do. We have a long term plan for how we engage with talent in terms of who’s gonna be on the roster, what roster spots we need filled, etcetera. It’s not as much of a random thing. So, um, ya know … as with any other talent, I think time will tell.”

As we previously reported, Enzo claims he wasn’t made aware of the investigation until it became public … which would seem to imply that he didn’t leave WWE in the dark like company sources claim.

The full interview can be found below, but it’s currently cued up to the Enzo discussion.