Dominik Mysterio Signs WWE Contract on Raw, Gets Brutalized with Kendo Stick

dominik mysterio signs wwe contract summerslam seth rollins

Dominik Mysterio is now an official WWE Superstar after signing two contracts on Raw, but it wasn’t quite a celebration in the end.

Tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw kicked off with a contract signing moderated by Samoa Joe between Seth Rollins and Dominik for their SummerSlam match.

Mysterio also had to sign a WWE contract during the segment to officially join the company.

The contract signing included a tense verbal encounter between Joe and Rollins that Dominik eventually chimed in on to admonish “The Monday Night Messiah” for everything he’s done as of late to the Mysterio family and Aleister Black.

Rollins then defeated Humberto Carrillo in a match which led to a two-on-one post-match encounter between Seth, Murphy and Dominik. Seth absolutely destroyed Mysterio with a kendo stick afterward for several minutes while taunting his SummerSlam opponent until he could no longer take it.

Watch part of the kendo stick attack below.