Dixie Carter — Claims Billy Corgan Was Furthering His Own Interests, Not Helping The Company

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Billy Corgan was doing everything he could to further his own agenda as TNA President, and not that of the company — this according to Dixie Carter in new court documents.

Carter confirms that multiple loans were given to her by Billy. In regards to the last installment … she explains, “Mr. Corgan knew that if I did not sign the Pledge Agreement, Impact would face a very difficult immediate financial challenge.”

Dixie also claims a deal for funding between Aroluxe and Billy fell through shortly before Bound For Glory, but the TNA Chairman doesn’t think Corgan was truly attempting to make it happen.

“I believe that Mr. Corgan was ‘playing chicken’ with Aroluxe and acting in furtherance of his own personal interests even though those interests were contrary to the interests of the company.”

The two sides met in court today with both arguing their case.

The chancellor said her ruling will come on Monday.

For now, read Dixie’s full response below.