Dick Justice Competes in First Strongman Competition

dick justice strongman competition photos

The strongest dick in wrestling may belong to Joey Ryan, but occasional Impact wrestler Dick Justice might be catching up after competing this weekend in a Strongman tournament.

Justice tells Pro Wrestling Sheet the competition was called Roc City Ritual of Strength — a charity event with all proceeds going to Recovery Fitness — and it was the first time he’s competed. 

The events were deadlift for reps, circus dumbbell lift for reps, atlas stone to shoulder for reps and tire flip for distance. Dick trained with Chikara‘s Lucas Calhoun for the event and placed fourth overall.

The wrestler tweeted afterward saying, “To everyone who says I should probably start going to the gym, here’s me flipping a 770lb tire after three other events.”

WRITER’S NOTE: Dick Justice did not use his penis during the competition, as it sounds in the first line. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused you while reading this.