Devin Taylor’s Firing — Video Footage Released … It’s Not Us, It’s You

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Former NXT interviewer Devin Taylor‘s firing from the company was filmed for the new WWE show “Breaking Ground” — confirming our exclusive report — and the footage is AWKWARD!

The video aired during tonight’s new episode of “Breaking Ground” on WWE Network — which chronicles the struggle of NXT Superstars trying to get onto the main roster — and Devin’s kick to the curb was done by Vice President of Talent Development, Canyon Ceman.

Ceman doesn’t beat around the bush in the clip, instantly giving her the news before explaining in a backstage interview that Taylor just wasn’t succeeding with the company.

Pro Wrestling Sheet exclusively broke the story on Devin Taylor’s firing earlier this month — as well as NXT wrestler Cal Bishop.

Watch the video.  It’s pretty brutal.