Additional Details on Ronda Rousey’s Post-WrestleMania Status With WWE

ronda rousey contract details not leaving taking break

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned reports of Ronda Rousey leaving WWE have been slightly blown out of proportion and, if anything, it’ll be a break at this point so she can start a family.

The Wrestling Observer first reported there’s a “very good chance that Ronda Rousey will be finished up with WWE at WrestleMania.” 

Here’s what we know. Sources tell us WWE agreed while signing Rousey that she could take time away if she wanted to start a family. We’re told around Survivor Series she informed the company that it was likely she’d be taking that break after WrestleMania. 

However, we’re told this is NOT set in stone quite yet and things could change once the show of shows rolls around or after. It could also change if she starts a family and decides that her main priorities lie elsewhere, but as of now she still has time left on her multi-year deal. 

Back in November, Rousey said in a video on her YouTube channel: “I can’t wrestle forever because I feel like I’m failing my family.” Adding, “I wouldn’t be leaving home unless it was to do the most fantastic things ever and I really really do enjoy it and love it.”

“But all that energy I spend on the WWE is energy I don’t spend on my family.”

FYI — The Wrestling Observer’s initial report, despite saying Ronda was likely leaving WWE, also noted that she’d probably remain with the company in some fashion going forward. 

A rep for WWE told TMZ Sports, “Ronda Rousey is under contract with WWE until April 10, 2021. Whether she wants to start a family is a private matter.”