More Behind the Scenes Details on Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy Announcement

becky lynch pregnancy announcement behind the scenes details

Becky Lynch’s pregnancy announcement caught almost everyone backstage by surprise Monday when it was filmed, this according to one of WWE’s producers.

D-Von Dudley talked about the announcement on the latest episode of his “Table Talk” podcast and said almost no one behind the scenes knew what Lynch would be announcing.

“We were watching the segment just like everyone else was at home. And, if I’m not mistaken, I believe Asuka didn’t know. So, the reaction that she gave was extremely genuine and natural,” the WWE Hall of Famer confirmed.

“The response when she did say you’re gonna go off to be WWE women’s champion now and I’m going to go off to be a mother, everybody in the room just went, ‘what?!’ Nia, Lana, Tamina, and I don’t want to say the other girl because if I do it might take away from her meanness,” he added before additionally noting that almost everybody was taken back by the news.

In case you missed, Lynch and Seth Rollins have said their child is due in December.

CLICK HERE to the listen to the podcast.

7 Comments on "More Behind the Scenes Details on Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy Announcement"

  1. You couldnt have picked a better picture to use…

  2. Spread the legs,mount the mare, whatever…the question is why she not happy. And really,she and he should have been more careful.

  3. Who the heck told u she is not happy? Do u think the mothers who first hold their babies after cry because they are unhappy? Learn to understand the tears of happiness.

  4. Mike Daversa | May 16, 2020 at 4:49 am | Reply

    I think she’s NOT happy because she’s had the title how long now?? So giving it up means she has to work extremely hard to get back at being number 1 contender. They may not want her back as champ if a new diva is making the company “MILLIONS AND I MEAN MILLIONS” of dollars for Vinny. So basically all I wanted to say she definitely didn’t look happy NOR realized she’s Haven a baby with Seth freakn Rollins! Well bec ya should of wore a condom. Think next time before getting pounded out and ask your self is it worth risking “MILLIONS AND I MEAN MILLONS” of dollars of 3 minutes of sex? And wanted to know who’s does the hair pulling since you claim you da man and he just a wierdo??? Haha see ya Ginger!!!

  5. I think that her and Seth are happy about the baby.. She was crying bcoz she will be leaving what she loves to do and miss her fans…she mentioned how she felt alone when she first came to WWE it was her fans that made her feel at home and fit in… Congrats to Becky and Seth!

  6. lalalalalla

  7. I think she is happy and also sad because she have to leave her fans and what she love and also happy as she going to be a mother,am very happy for her but will miss her congrats Becky and Seth!!

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