Additional Details on AEW’s Second Show for TNT

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TNT President Kevin Reilly has revealed additional details regarding AEW’s second show announced earlier today in conjunction with an extended TV deal.

The Wrap’s Tony Maglio spoke to Reilly on Wednesday during the Television Critics Association tour. During the conversation, WarnerMedia’s Chief Content Officer explained that AEW’s show will be weekly on TNT – but maybe not 52 weeks a year. 

“We do not yet have a weeknight for it, but obviously ‘Dark’ is currently a Tuesday show on YouTube,” he told Maglio. “We’re taking ‘Dark’ and then re-adapting it for TNT.”

“We’re going to embellish ‘AEW Dark’ and put some additional material, kind of behind the scenes, kind of docu-follow stuff, if you will, about the athletes and the stories,” Reilly additionally noted.

As we previously reported, AEW’s deal with WarnerMedia has been extended through 2023

Reilly closed out his conversation with Maglio touching on the show’s YouTube presence going forward. “I think we should continue to put some stuff out on YouTube just to build that bridge, but not the whole show.”

UPDATE: Reilly also told Variety there are currently no plans to air the show Monday nights opposite of WWE’s Monday Night Raw. 

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