The Bachelor’s Demi Burnett on Working With WWE, Wanting to Wrestle and More! (VIDEO)

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Demi Burnett from “The Bachelor” franchise has been making sporadic appearances on Raw over the past few weeks, so we went straight to the source to get some info on how it all came about.

Burnett, who hosts a show on PodcastOne called “Big Demi Energy,” tells us the ball got rolling after her agent received a call from WWE. The company was looking for her to come to the Performance Center for an audition and she jumped at the opportunity.

“It used to be my dream, and it still was at the time, to get to be on WWE at some point in my life,” she explained. “So I was like, ‘WHAT?!’ This is so random. In the middle of quarantine. I’m like, ‘What is happening to me?!’ I was super stoked about it.”

Burnett says her audition consisted of doing skits she was given while using a water bottle as a mic.

After that, she was put in a segment with Angel Garza on Raw. 

“[Angel] definitely helped me feel more comfortable with all of it, because I was like … I think they know you’re married. This is weird,” she said with a smile. “He was like, ‘Oh, it’s fine. It’s fine.'”

Demi went on say the WWE locker room and behind the scenes workers have been incredibly welcoming to her since showing up and that she’s made friends with Ricochet, Natalya, Lana and Nia Jax. She’s also enjoyed working with The Viking Raiders and Street Profits.

As far as continuing to work with WWE going forward, the reality star tell us she’s currently on a per-appearance basis with WWE when she gets the call – but she’d like to keep it going.

This includes being interested in possibly stepping into the ring if the opportunity presents itself.

When asked if she wants to wrestle, Demi said the following:

“Of course! I would love to be a WWE Superstar. I’d definitely have to go through some training, because I’m pretty weak right now. I’m starting to try working out a little bit, just in case anyone wants to offer me a position. But yeah, it was always my dream to be a WWE Superstar. It’s more intense though in real-life than it looks on TV. Whenever you watch it in real-life, you’re like, ‘Wow, these people are putting their bodies THROUGH it.’ I think I could do it though. I think I could have the right attitude and whenever I put my mind to it, I can be very athletic.”

“I would definitely give it a shot. I would at least try it. I would never be able to forgive myself if I didn’t take a chance and give it a go.”

“Big Demi Energy” is available now on all podcast platforms.

Watch the full interview below.