Dean Malenko Talks About His Decision to Quit WWE

Dean Malenko aew wwe exit interview rf video shoot

Dean Malenko opened up in a new interview about his decision to quit WWE and ultimately join AEW.

Malenko took part in a 2-hour shoot interview — available now on RF Video — that ends with the former WWE producer touching on his exit from the company. 

Dean claims there wasn’t a certain breaking point that led to his decision. Instead, he saw the changing landscape in wrestling outside of WWE and decided to move on to something new. 

“I didn’t know I was going to AEW at the time,” he added. “I had some other businesses, some other things that I wanted to try outside of wrestling, but also know I could do that. So that was kinda starting at the same time as me leaving.” 

John Laurinaitis, Malenko’s direct superior in WWE, was the first person the producer notified of his decision to leave. John apparently asked if Dean wanted to take a few more days to think it over and the wrestler replied saying he already had 18 years to do so. 

As for his eventual AEW hiring, Dean reveals Chris Jericho is the first person who told him AEW would love to hire him. He then spoke with Cody and later Tony Khan to finalize things. 

Malenko says he’s now excited to work with AEW and thinks Darby Allin, Jungle Boy, Joey Janela and MJF have tons of talent.

The full interview containing these quotes can be FOUND HERE on RF Video.