Lucha Underground Wrestlers Allowed to Appear on Impact Due to AAA Deal, But Not Their Characters

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The deal between Anthem and AAA may see wrestlers from Lucha Underground appear on Impact … but The Sheet has learned they’re not allowed to portray their El Rey characters.

Sources with knowledge of the situation tell us El Rey officials are very happy with LU and optimistic about making another season of the show, once all the episodes they’ve filmed have been shown.

We’re told that because so many episodes have already been filmed, the network is way ahead of production and not in a rush to officially green-light the next season yet.

As for AAA’s new partnership with Impact, our sources say it’s possible for wrestlers from Lucha Underground to appear on Pop TV … as long as they don’t infringe on any of LU/El Rey’s intellectual property — which makes sense considering the company has been fighting Pentagon Jr and Fenix over the rights to their characters.

Ricochet aka Prince Puma tweeted about LU possibly allowing their talent to appear on Impact and said, “So they can randomly do IMPACT but I can’t do ROH?? Hummm???”

4 Comments on "Lucha Underground Wrestlers Allowed to Appear on Impact Due to AAA Deal, But Not Their Characters"

  1. Still a win either way. You get the great talent but not their gimmicks from LU. Something is better than nothing.

  2. Albert Ponce | April 19, 2017 at 2:07 pm | Reply

    Agreed this can only help both Impact Wrestling and the Lucha talent.

  3. Awesome. Can’t wait to see Jeff Cobb on Impact.

  4. “The basic feeling watching this week’s TV is that it’s really good to follow trends in modern wrestling. Non WWE wrestling, after years of being weak business-wise, is the strongest it has been in a long time whether it be the U.S., Japan or the U.K. In all three countries, the winning concept is based on a variety of different styles but in all cases, hard wrestling is the key component. The argument that doesn’t work on television is hurt when the New Japan show on AXS which is just matches from months ago, with mostly Japanese performers, does better considering the number of homes it is in, than either Impact or Lucha Underground, which both try to do the soap opera stuff. This isn’t to say the soap opera stuff is a negative, but the cheesy stuff WWE can get away with as the major league, but if you want to establish your spot in the current world, its feels so much smarter to rely on a style that is working now as opposed to a style that has failed in the non WWE world for 20 years.”

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