Dax Harwood Says WWE Feud With The Usos Was “Completely Mishandled”

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If you were disappointed by the feud in WWE between The Usos and The Revival, you weren’t alone – as FTR believe it was “completely mishandled.” 

During an Instagram Live session earlier this week, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were asked if there was a tag team in WWE that they missed out on working with.

“I think we got to work with everyone we wanted to, but I think the feud that we had with The Usos was completely mishandled only because it’s tag team and we’re 5-foot-10 guys from North Carolina with a Southern accent,” Harwood stated. 

Wrestling as The Revival in WWE, the duo competed against the Usos on multiple occasions. Their feud devolved into backstage pranks, however, which Harwood sees as a huge missed opportunity.

“That match and that feud could have done so much for tag team wrestling in the WWE, but it never came to fruition,” Dax continued. “Those were two guys that testing our skills against would have been magical. There was a lot of magic made on the live events and even some of the Raws. If you go back and look at some of those Raws from June of 2019, we had some barn burners with The Usos. But they’ll be forgotten because they were never a marquee matchup.”

With that being said, Wheeler hopes the door isn’t closed. “So, if you Usos are watching, when you guys are onehundred percent, if we ever get the chance to, let’s have the match that we know we could’ve.”

Never say never.