Independent Wrestler David Starr Calls Out Performer For Using “Offensive” Hasidic Jew Gimmick

david starr mathias glass offensive distasteful gimmick Hasidic jewish jew

David Starr — an independent wrestler who is Jewish — is calling out a non-Jewish performer for using a Hasidic Jew gimmick that he says is “offensive and distasteful.”

Starr aired his frustration on Facebook over Mathias Glass — a wrestler who describes himself as “The Most Jewish Man Alive” — and said, “I want everyone to know that Mathias Glass is not Jewish. The stereotype driven character he portrays is offensive and distasteful. It is the equivalent of black face.” 

Here are a few examples we were able to find that seem to be what David is referencing:

“Imagine me painting my face black and acting as a black character that was completely stereotypically driven. How would you react? How would the public react? I’ve messaged him about this before and I know he’s been told by many Jewish people within wrestling to change his gimmick due to the bigoted nature of it.”

David Starr continued, “Prior to finding out that he wasn’t Jewish, I thought the schtick was entertaining. I don’t necessarily like stereotype driven gimmicks in general, but this was clearly a self deprecating (at least I thought it self deprecating) comedic style. I am not a no fun sensitive snowflake type. I can make fun of myself and my people, but someone from outside the community has no right. I won’t apologize for exposing this.”

Glass responded on Facebook by writing, “Wrestling is real and I’m Jewish. Oy.”