David Arquette Makes In-Ring Return at Los Angeles Wrestling Event (VIDEO)

david arquette in ring return cwfh video

Former WCW champ David Arquette‘s recent claim that he’s returning to wrestling seems to be legit, as the actor interfered at a wrestling show on Thursday night.

It all went down at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood‘s “Peter & Ray’s Surprise Birthday Party Spectacular” when Arquette was urged by Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas to enter the ring and hit The Rockness Monsters with Stinger Splashes in the corner. 

As you’ll see in the video … Yuma and Kevin Martenson attempted to get their revenge by dragging David back into the ring. The 46-year-old Ready to Rumble star reversed an irish whip attempt, however, then hit them with a double stunner to get a HUGE pop from the fans in attendance. 

In case you missed it, David announced his return to wrestling on the Wendy Williams Show.  

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported exclusive details earlier this month about a marathon training session the former champ participated in.  Were told all of this is being filmed for a documentary about his return to the ring, which is currently filming.

Watch Arquette’s in-ring comeback below. 

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  1. David Arquette > Okada

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