David Arquette Got Bloodied Up Wrestling a Deathmatch (NSFW VIDEO)

david arquette bloody gcw joey janelas la confidential

Former WCW champ David Arquette was a bloody mess during his crazy match at Joey Janela’s LA Confidential — and the ending may have turned into a little bit of a shoot.

It all went down on Friday at The Hi-Hat in Los Angeles — for an event streaming live on FiteTV — during Arquette’s match against deathmatch wrestler Nick Gage. 

As things progressed, light tubes were injected into the match and at one point the 47-year-old ‘Scream’ star hit a diamond cutter on his opponent through a bunch of them. 

The finish saw Gage start to grind broken light tubes into David’s forehead and at one point it looked like the two slipped up, causing Arquette’s neck to get sliced. This lead to the actor walking out of the ring like he was going to leave, but he ultimately came back.

Gage and Arquette then began to trade blows, with there seemingly being serious tension.

David Arquette lost the match moments later, then stormed to the back. 

According to sources, the camera crew filming David’s documentary filmed as he returned to the back and we’re told actor Luke Perry rushed in to take his fellow actor to the ER. Arquette tweeted afterward saying he got stitched up and added, “Turns out Death Matches aren’t my thing.”

The full event replay is available on FiteTV. It’s worth watching. 

For now, watch two different angles of the neck cutting incident below.