Davey Richards Injured, Knee Surgery Required

davey richards injured knee surgery

Independent wrestler Davey Richards says he’s been forced to cancel the rest of his bookings in 2017 due to a knee injury that will require surgery.

Richards tweeted a statement on Sunday which said, “I can’t apologize enough to everyone but I have to cancel my remaining bookings for 2017. I am going to need surgery on Right knee.”

The wrestler continued: “I’ve always been someone who has bore my heart inside of the ring & “kept it real” with the fans. I’ve been known to as you call it “no show” events. Truth is ( no excuse) I’ve been battling knee issues since 2006 when I tore my knee the night before my first ROH match. Cortisone shots, Anti inflammatory drugs, Stem Cell therapy, hyperbaric chambers, etc have kept me able to perform this long but not anymore.”

For those who don’t recall, Davey underwent surgery last year for his other knee as well.

Richards concluded by writing: “I refuse to let it end like this. I’m going to take the proper time off to get the correct surgery and rehab. I hope to return to make good on the events I haven’t been able to perform at bc of my knee. I always prided myself on being a wrestlers wrestler and if I couldn’t give You 100% I didn’t want to waste your time. Perhaps foolish pride. But that’s me.”