Davey Boy Smith Jr. Says He Stopped Someone From Jumping Off a Bridge

davey boy smith jr saves woman jumping bridge

NJPW wrestler Davey Boy Smith Jr. claims he stopped a woman from jumping off a bridge this weekend and was able to do so thanks to years of grappling training.

Smith tweeted about his experience this weekend in Calgary and wrote that he saw a crying woman hanging off the bridge while he drove over it, so he sprung into action.

Davey Boy explained, “I stopped and jumped the barricade and tried talking to the girl. And she was crying and an emotional mess and threatening to jump if I got closer. With people on the ground waving her not to jump I decided to grab a hold of her and not take any chances.”

“She started to slide and want to go more as I grabbed a hold her. Luckily my years of grappling and self defense I knew how to grab her HARD and how to pull her up from hanging off and jumping.” Davey continued, “When I yanked her off the bridge finally, I established the mount position as you do in grappling and did not let her budge.”

The woman was apparently still crying and told Davey she had a gun, but only wanted a hug. He refused, due to her carrying a weapon, and waited for police to arrive.

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