Dave Bautista Gets His Dogs Tattooed on His Leg (PICS)

Former WWE Champion and Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista loves his dogs very much — and now he’s got a tattoo to prove it.

Bautista posted on his Instagram account showing the new ink done by Trudy Lines at New York City’s BangBang Tattoo.  He called the tattoo of his dogs faces amazing and said he can’t explain how happy it makes him.

“Now your cute puppies can make you smile wherever you go,” Lines wrote about the ink.

“I wish I could put into words how happy your work makes me,” Bautista responded. “Now I can take my babies everywhere and they will always be with me.  Forever grateful.”

Go ahead and say it with us: “Awwwwww!”

Check out images of the tattoo below.