The Dark Order Releases Full Conversation With “The Exalted One” (VIDEO)

the dark order aew exalted one video

Evil Uno’s recent conversation with “The Exalted One” shown on Dynamite is part of a longer video that has now been released by The Dark Order.

The unlisted YouTube video – which was emailed to fans who signed up for The Dark Order through their website – begins with Evil Uno walking into the office of the yet-to-be-revealed figure to tell him “it’s done.” The Exalted One replies saying, “Wonderful!”

This conversation was in the original video shown on Dynamite, but in a different order.

The Exalted One ends the video instructing Uno to do something about the Creeper who went viral for throwing bad punches during the beatdown angle. “There is no room for mercy in The Dark Order. It is a disgrace. The weak must become the strong or be erased,” he said while watching the viral video. 

Uno agrees to take care of it and leaves the room.

While this was likely intentional, The Exalted One saying “Wonderful” has led some fans to believe the leader of The Dark Order could be Matt Hardy – as his WWE contract is expiring in the next few months. There’s also a tennis racquet seen in the office, which is Jim Cornette’s prop of choice. The latter may seem incredibly unlikely, but this new character does seem to have an issue with The Elite. 

Watch the video below.