Daniel Bryan Says He’s “On The Verge” of Getting Sustainable Title Strap (VIDEO)

daniel bryan wwe championship strap change leather sustainable

Changing corporate things takes time, which is why Daniel Bryan says he’s still working on his vow to replace the leather-strapped WWE Championship. 

As you may recall, Daniel cut a promo prior to TLC promising to change the belt to something more sustainable if he won … but that hasn’t happened yet.

Bryan gave an update, however, while speaking with ABC15 in Arizona to promote the Royal Rumble:

“Changing corporate things takes time. Now … I’m on the verge. I am on the verge of getting this changed. But to get it changed, I have to retain my championship at the Royal Rumble on Sunday. So that is my number one priority.”

The interview can be found below and it’s most certainly worth watching. Daniel is in his best form talking about the origin of front lawns, the Royal Rumble burger and more.