Daniel Bryan – WWE Star Announces Retirement … Due To Medical Reasons

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WWE superstar Daniel Bryan will no longer be wrestling due to medical reasons … and it’s effective immediately — this according to the former world champ himself.

Bryan took to Twitter today to make the surprisingly timed – yet not shocking – announcement, “Due to medical reasons, effective immediately, I am announcing my retirement. Tonight on Raw, I’ll have a chance to elaborate. #gratitude”

Sources assure Pro Wrestling Sheet that Bryan’s announcement is legitimate – not a storyline related bait and switch – but whether he’ll play some part in WrestleMania 32 plans remain unclear.

Daniel Bryan reached the highest of highs in WWE … main eventing WrestleMania XXX at the Super Dome in 2014 — only to vacate the title months later due to injury.

Safe to say this video is the only way to describe how every wrestling fan feels right now.




4 Comments on "Daniel Bryan – WWE Star Announces Retirement … Due To Medical Reasons"

  1. Awww damn it. Sucks. On top of all the injuries, now this. At the end it’s whatever is best for him. New NxT trainer?

  2. No no no….
    So sad to see one of the best (and one of my favourites) out there ride off into the sunset when he still would’ve had more years in the tank without some of the injuries.
    I hope to see him heavily involved in the development of NXT and WWE talent.
    Hopefully we’ll get DB coming on RAW and Smackdown to make fun of The Miz too.

  3. Just met Daniel Bryan on 1/22/16 at World of Wheels in Pittsburgh, Pa. for pic and autograph signings. He was so nice and such a great wrestler. I know this was his passion, but everything happens for a reason. You will be selfishly missed. I’m sure wwe will bring you back for commentary or you will find another journey. Thank you for all you gave us fans. We ? you. God Bless you and Brie!?

  4. said he was a b plus player well I don’t think sow

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