Daniel Bryan — Mysterious Health Issues from Earlier This Year Revealed on Total Bellas (VIDEO)

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The rumor mill was in full swing back in March when Daniel Bryan pulled out of several WWE appearances … but on last night’s episode of Total Bellas, some light was shed onto what happened.

Brie revealed to Nikki that, despite having retired, Bryan was still seeking another medical opinion with the hope that he’d one day be able to wrestle again.

During taping, however, he received the devastating news that there was no chance of that happening.

Furthermore, according to Brie, Bryan has been suffering from clinical depression and was not only dealing with the end of his wrestling career, but several unfortunate events that preceded it — including the death of his father.

Bryan eventually told the Bella family that he decided to leave Cena’s home, as well as all the drama that’s been unfolding there since moving in. Daniel also told Brie that he wanted to move to his hometown of Aberdeen, Washington for three months so that he can spend some time alone.

To give a timeline of when this was filmed, Mama Bella asks if this means Daniel will miss her wedding with John Laurinaitis and Daniel says yes — finally explaining why he was absent from their nuptials.

Needless to say, it was a very sad episode.

We can only hope that Bryan is in a better place now and that he’s excited about his role as GM of SmackDown Live and the fact that he’s soon going to be a father.

Watch the clip below and if you missed the episode, catch the full replay tonight.