WATCH: Daniel Bryan Vows to Replace Leather-Strapped WWE Championship After TLC

daniel bryan replace leather strap wwe championship tlc

The WWE Championship is made with a leather strap, but Daniel Bryan says he’ll be changing that if he retains the title tonight at TLC.

Daniel made an appearance on WWE’s Live TLC preview before the show and cut an epic promo in which he railed against social media, consumerism and more. 

Bryan also explained that he will not be wearing his new t-shirt and that the “Yes!” Lock will once again be called the LeBell Lock because, “The ‘Yes!’ Movement is dead.”

He then brought attention to the belt and said, “I am going to take this leather strap that was made from a skinned cow, that I like to name Daisy, and I am going to replace it with something sustainable.”

“And the ‘new’ Daniel Bryan is gonna create a new world that these people don’t have any part of,” he said while pointing at Cathy Kelley and Mike Rome. “You know what? Most of you probably don’t deserve to have a part of it either.”

Watch the video below.