Damien Sandow — Booked For Comedy Show in Los Angeles … With Lucha Underground Star

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Ex-WWE wrestler Damien Sandow will be talking on-stage about his life on the road next month in L.A. — but don’t expect a one-man show, it’s for a comedy event featuring Johnny Mundo.

The show is called Flying Chuck and always features a guest host from the world of pro wrestling telling stories from their lives … as Second City performers improv scenes and characters based on them.

Sandow will also be joined by former NXT wrestler Ryan Nemeth — Dolph Ziggler‘s brother.

Since his release, The Intellectual Savior of the Masses has said he wants to get into acting and seems to have a number of production companies/offers on the table — so performing at the legendary Second City theatre in Hollywood will be a good kick-off point.

The event will be held on July 12th and tickets go on sale soon.