Damien Sandow — Booked For Comedy Show in Los Angeles … With Lucha Underground Star

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Ex-WWE wrestler Damien Sandow will be talking on-stage about his life on the road next month in L.A. — but don’t expect a one-man show, it’s for a comedy event featuring Johnny Mundo.

The show is called Flying Chuck and always features a guest host from the world of pro wrestling telling stories from their lives … as Second City performers improv scenes and characters based on them.

Sandow will also be joined by former NXT wrestler Ryan Nemeth — Dolph Ziggler‘s brother.

Since his release, The Intellectual Savior of the Masses has said he wants to get into acting and seems to have a number of production companies/offers on the table — so performing at the legendary Second City theatre in Hollywood will be a good kick-off point.

The event will be held on July 12th and tickets go on sale soon.

4 Comments on "Damien Sandow — Booked For Comedy Show in Los Angeles … With Lucha Underground Star"

  1. I’ll consume anything Sandow puts out there.

  2. He was the talent even withe Miz, and we already Knew Dolph, Nick, Ziggler was Part Time Stand Up Comedian, & tried to get Naomi/Trinity’s (his Wife) Uso to Give a Run in trying Stand Up, Damian, a Wise Choice, the perfect balanced Humor Dry & Hilarious Mix Needed for Today to Survive in that Fame Field

  3. My goodness I’ll miss you on Raw/Smackdown! You are one of my favorite persons in the universe. Thank you for having true class in making the transition into a new path.

  4. Way to go cousin!
    You worked hard to be where you are now!
    Can’t wait to see you on televison!
    Kudos and if you see jimmy Kimmell tell him I said HI Five!
    You have a great gift of talent!

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